Capsule Filler - Semi-Automatic - 25,000 Capsules per Hour

The SACF semi-automatic capsule filler can produce between 10 and 25 thousand capsules per hour, depending on capsule size and operator proficiency.

The capsule filler has a very simple setup. The empty capsules are loaded into one hopper. This hopper can take any size from 00 to 5. The powders are then loaded into a separate hopper. This is a corkscrew driven hopper, which allows a constant fill throughout each capsule. The operator then uses the vacuum to individually sort out and fill the capsules into the plate. Plates can be made from 000 to 5 size. The operator then uses the vacuum to separate the capsules.

Once the capsules are separated, the plates are pulled apart to release just the bottom section. This bottom section is then placed into the filling part of the machine. Once the plate has been placed into this section of the machine, the operator can switch on the filling. This causes the filler to slide across onto the capsules, and the capsules to rotate beneath it. The corkscrew then evenly forces the powder down into the capsules. This ensures that each capsule is of the same size and weight. The two plates are then placed back together, and placed into the sealing section of the capsule filling machine. Once they are aligned, the operator closes the guard and uses air pressure to seal the capsules. The capsules are then released from the plate.

Once the capsules have been produced, there is also a capsule polishing option for this machine. The capsule polisher has a set of corkscrew brush bristles inside, and uses a small vacuum unit to de-dust the capsules, to leave them with a high-quality and professional finish.

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