Capsule Polishers and Vacuums

If you are running packaging machinery for bottles or blisters, you will find that a capsule polisher is essential. Without polishing, excess powder will make its way into the mechanical gears and belts which over time will cause bottles or blisters to not seal correctly. This will lead to costly downtime and repairs.

Downtime is incredibly expensive for manufacturers and making sure your facility is able to stick to its production schedule is going to be vital in your business's growth. Downtime ultimately means letting your customers down and for a small investment of a capsule polisher, you’ll be able to greatly reduce the likeliness of downtime with your packaging machinery as well as increasing the quality of capsule the customer receives.

The appearance of your capsules will shape the customer’s perception and capsules that do not appear cosmetically clean could not only deter customers, but also cause problems with regulatory bodies within your industry. Crisp, shining capsules in comparison to dusty and powdery capsules will help you build products that your customers come back to buy again and again. With the costs of advertising online constantly rising as well as more and more competition joining the space, increasing the lifetime value of the customers you already have is arguably just as important as acquiring new ones.

Using soft brushes to remove excess power and a vacuum to get it out of the way, our capsule polishers can clean up to 7000 capsules per minute and takes less than 10 minutes to set up out of the box. This incredibly easy to use machine makes it easy to deliver pristine, pharmaceutical-grade capsules to your customers.

To supplement the SACF-25 and the FACF capsule filling machines, we’ve developed a Capsule Filler Vacuum Pump that separates empty capsules ready for production. It requires no water to run so that you do not need to bring it into your facility.

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