Choosing capsules not only saves you the stress of developing a formulation but also bottom-line costs. The main issues you’re likely to face with capsules are flowing and distribution issues and that’s why we’ve developed Firmafill. It contains not only magnesium stearate as the main flowing agent but a variety of other fluffy but quality excipients to ensure your capsules are full with the right amount of active ingredient in them. These excipients are:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) - It’s bulky to add weight to your capsule, it also makes sure the right amount of active ingredient is in each capsule.
  • Di-calcium Phosphate - Absorbs moisture and prevents your formulation from forming lumps which would result in capsule inconsistencies.
  • Silica Dioxide - Has great flowing qualities to help promote quick encapsulating. Vital If you’re using a high-speed capsule filler like the FACF.

Firmafill removes the unnecessary stress of researching your own formula and instead allows you to utilise LFA’s 10 years of encapsulating and tabletting experience so that you can produce pharmaceutical-grade capsules from day one. This helps your business build a repeat customer base from day one because of the quality Firmafill brings to your product.

We’re asked constantly if we have a capsule filler that works with oils or liquids. While we do not, we do have a solution which is much more affordable. Firmaoil is a powder that absorbs 135% of its weight in oil which can help you create original products. Firmaoil does this by opening the door to previously off-limit raw ingredients that are oils and means it’s no longer necessary to spend $100,000+ to work with those ingredients.

Are there any oils you think would supplement your existing formulations well or are worth creating new products with? Because Firmaoil is so new there is a big opportunity for innovating new formulas. The small investment of a ProCap capsule filler, Firmaoil and raw materials could be the start of your next business or successful product line.

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