Tuning Your FACF Capsule Filler

Hello and welcome to LFA’s video on tuning your FACF. Learning to tune your capsule filling machine is vital when it comes to filling empty capsules with your ingredients.

On top of your FACF tamping turret you’ll find 5 adjustment knobs, these knobs will increase or decrease the weight of your capsules. Each of these knobs is called a station, these stations are numbered 1-5 in this order, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. We suggest marking them for ease.

When tuning these stations it’s important that they follow a “step configuration” with number 1 always be lowest, 2 higher than 1, 3 higher than 2, 4 high then 3 and 5 is the highest.

To increase the weight of your capsule, you turn the knobs clockwise and turn them evenly across all 5 knobs. 

First we need to know the weight of the capsules our FACF is currently producing, to do this we need to lock off the adjustment knobs. Tighten the locking nut on each of the adjustment knobs ensuring they are following the step configuration we mention earlier.

We then need to add our powder into the hopper.

Then turn the machine over by hand to produce a few capsules.

We can then weigh our capsules to see what weight they are.

If they’re too heavy we can decrease the weight by turning the knobs counter clockwise.

To increase the weight turn the adjustment knobs clockwise.

As mentioned previously they must follow the step configuration so remember to turn them equally in small increments, lock off them off and then produce some capsules to weigh by rotating the machine by hand.

Do this until you get the desired weight of your capsule.

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