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At LFA we don't just supply machines we provide service. We support and educate anyone that is looking to start or grow their business or r&d department. We aim to be as transparent as possible in everything we do. This includes the pricing of all of our machinery, from the entry level ProCap manual capsule filler, to the SACF semi automatic capsule filler, right up to the FACF fully automated range. All of the prices are available on our site and include shipping and taxes where applicable.

We have a wealth of knowledge, built up over 7 years, in a range of areas that can help you and your business. We have a range of articles covering, granulation, mixing techniques, food and pharmaceutical law, common problems in capsule manufacturing. We are also happy to advise the type of tablet press that you need to give your project the best chance. You can see all of our articles here in our article section.

Recent Articles

Why Make Your Own Capsules?

Solid oral dosage forms for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries are available commonly as tablets or capsules. The production of tablets requires considerable investment in manufacturing equipment. Often several machines are required, e.g., powder mixers and granulators, tablet presses, and tablet coating machines. The production of tablets is also expensive in terms of manpower and machine running costs, on account of the number of process steps involved. By contrast the manufacture of products in the form of capsules can be a relatively simple, low-cost and straightforward process.

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Vegan, Vegetarian and Gelatin Capsules

Many people prefer to take their medications or health supplements in the form of capsules. Not only do capsules have little or no taste, they dissolve quickly in the intestines and are relatively easy (especially in the case of hard capsules) for the drug or supplement manufacturer to fill.

When purchasing empty hard capsules, there is now a choice to be made between vegetarian or the more traditional gelatin capsule. Although preference may simply be dictated by the needs of the customer, some understanding of both types is desirable to enable the most appropriate materials to be selected for any given application.

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How To Make Your Own Capsules

Hard capsules are one of the most preferred methods of administering oral dosage forms of pharmaceuticals. They are also widely used in the health supplement industry, which is booming in two areas. First are the supplements that provide vitamins and tablets based on alternative and/or natural products to offer relief from common symptoms that can affect us all. These include:

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We are building a collection of educational videos. In this we cover everything from the different types of capsule fillers and their features as well as mix formulation when creating capsules. For all of our free training, maintenance and overview videos click here.

We have a news letter that goes out once a week to all of our mailing list that covers a range of topics. Simply sign up with your name and your email address and join our community of over 3000 people just like you. Once inside the members area you will have access to free tools and resources that will help you in every stage of the capsule formulation and production process. Including, a Mix Calculator, Weights Converter and Tablet Press Tooling Data Tables.

One of the unique aspects of LFA Capsule Fillers is the services it can offer. Our team is trained in ISO 22000 and has an understanding of the Orange Guide allowing us to offer cleanroom consultancy services. If you are about to set up your capsuling, tableting, or pelleting facility we maybe able to help. Take a look at our services section now to find out how we can help you with, contract manufacturing, cleanroom setup or onsite training.

If you have any questions then please get in contact with our team and find out what we can do today to help you.