Capsule Filler Specalists

Capsule Filler Specalists

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We have locations all across the globe so that you order to you as quickly as possible for free.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We back you up with a warranty to take all of the risk out of purchasing a capsule filler.

Helping You With Your Project

Helping You With Your Project

We've got a team of Capsuling experts ready to help you with any problems that can come up with your project

Helping You With Your Project

Free Training & Resources

Find our video and article section for tutorials and how-tos, or come to our facility for free training on your Capsule Filler.

ProCap Capsule Filler

The ProCap is an exceptional cost saver for two types of people looking to create products.

  • Business, entrepreneurs or R&D facilities

    Used too be the biggest problem with R&D was costs. It would cost thousands to grt your ideas into the real world with no guarantee that they had any traction behind them. Developed by LFA, the ProCap allows you to create the products and see if there is a demand for them, without spendiing thousands on machinery.

  • Fitness individuals

    You will save 58% at minimum if you make your own supplements. You can see this proven here. Our customers felt llike supplement companies were sourcing the cheapest ingredients at the cost of quality. The ProCap gibes them the opportunity to take mattrs into their own hands and know exactlly what ingredients are going inito their body, and they save massive ammount of money doing iit.

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Capsule Filling Machines

We offer both semi automatic and fully automatic capsule filling machines. The SACF-25 semi automatic capsule filler is exceptionally popular in small business because it produces the same output as the FACF 400 but for a lower upfront investment. What’s the catch? It requires an operator to operate the machine. This means increased labour costs which a small business with a lesser budget will have to concede, while businesses able to invest in the more efficient fully automatic capsule filler will profit more over time.

The FACF range has been designed to help your business reach its potential. It does this because of its incredible levels of output and a highly efficient construct designed to keep downtime as low as possible. Between the FACF 400, 1200, 2000 and 3800 we have a diverse range to match your budget and output requirements so you can get the best return on your investment.

We offer operator training and lifetime technical support. Training on our capsule filling machines can be completed within one day. If you do run into a problem with production anytime after purchase, simply pick up the phone and one of our experts will figure out the problem is and what needs to be done to get production running again.

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Empty Capsules

We offer a range of capsules from packs of just 5,000 all the way up to wholesale quantities. We have both grelatine and vegetable based options as offer all standard sizes.

At LFA we have helped hundreds of businesses get off the ground with our exceptional customer service team full of capsuling and tabletting experts. Whether you have no experience with capsuling before or already have a large scale production facility we have helped hundreds just like you with both equipment and support to help you.

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Over the years by far the biggest problems for our customers have is getting their capsuling mix correct. When you are just starting out it can often take weeks or months to learn and test different excipients and it's very expensive to do this. We saw too many amazing project fail for making this mistake which is why we created Firmacap, an all in one capsule making mix where you simple apply your active ingredient and know for certain that it will work. This way you can start taking orders or developing your formula as soon as you get your machine and generate essential cash flow and progress your project very quickly.

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Which Capsule Filler Is Right For Me?

We've made a short quiz that will tell you in under 1 minute which capsule filler is the right one for you or your business.

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We take the most common problems our customers contact us about and make articles out of the solutions. If you ever get stuck, it’s worth checking here as we have hundreds of really useful and detailed articles on both simple and advanced capsuling techniques.

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Are you considering your own production of capsules but still not convinced yet? Read our article which will definitely assure you that this is a good idea!
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Vegan, Vegetarian and Gelatin Capsules [Which Material To Choose?]

Do you prefer natural cellulose capsules over the ones made of bones, skin and connective tissues of animals? Are you aware of the pros and cons? Learn more about it in our article and let us know your experience.

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How To Make Your Own Capsules

Hard capsules are one of the most preferred methods of administering oral dosage forms of pharmaceuticals. They are also widely used in the health supplement industry, which is booming in two areas.

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Detailed articles are great, but some of us prefer to see how things are done. At LFA we have hundreds of tutorial how-to styled videos ranging from how to create a capsule mix, all the way to how to change the tooling. If you’re new to capsuling, this section could be the most important asset in getting started.

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