FACF Capsule Filler

The FACF Series of fully automated capsule filling machines offer enhanced productivity and efficiency whilst greatly reducing the labour costs involved in filling empty capsules. There are nine models in the series, with the fastest, the FACF 3800, filling approximately 228,000 capsules an hour.

All the FACF capsule fillers benefit from advanced engineering that allows the capsule fill to be accurately dosed, and from an LCD touch screen panel that gives the operator quick and easy control over the machine’s key parameters.

These versatile capsule filling solutions are able to fill a wide range of capsule sizes, using either powder, granules or pellets. They are easy to clean and to maintain, and have been engineered using high quality Japanese manufactured precision bearings to ensure excellent performance and a long service life. All contact parts are made from GMP conforming stainless steel. They also run with CE approved electronics for safety and reliability.

By fully automating the capsule filling process, the FACF machines allow for minimal operator training, lower productions costs, and reduced wastage. They also guarantee hygiene and avoid cross contamination, thanks to a completely enclosing perspex access doors around the filling stations.

The high filling rates of the FACF capsule fillers make them suitable for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, foodstuffs and chemical industries who require a low maintenance, large scale production capacity.

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