Capsule Filling Machine Spare Parts

Keeping spare parts of the essential, likely to need replacing parts is a really good idea if your business likes to be prepared. This way when something goes wrong, you’re prepared and can simply replace the parts in hours rather than weeks, without having to pay exhibited shipping fees.

The main reasons for keeping spare parts in stock are:

Minimal Downtime

As with any machinery, there is always a chance something goes wrong after enough use. So that your entire facility does not come to a complete stop, keeping stock of the parts most likely to have problems is something that could save you days or weeks of downtime. At LFA, we try to keep all spare parts for the SACF-25 and FACF automatic capsule filling machines in stock, but we cannot guarantee that they will be at the time you order. This can mean lead times of 6-8 weeks are possible unless you’re willing to pay for exhibited shipping.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Exhibited shipping costs even if only for spare parts can get costly, especially when you are not producing and fulfilling orders because you're not producing. 

So that your business experiences as little downtime as possible, we aim to keep all spare parts in stock at all times ready to ship right away. In this case, we can get the parts to you in next or second-day shipping, depending on how close you are located to one of our offices. Subject to the time that you order, though, there is a possibility that it may not be in stock. In this case, it would mean a 6-8 week shipping time or 7-10 days with exhibited shipping. To prevent the chance of those shipping times and to be as prepared as possible, it may be well worth the small investment to keep your own stock of spare parts.

Ultimately having a plan for backup parts leads to lower costs and cuts to downtime from potentially weeks to just a few hours. 

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