CP 7000 Capsule Polisher


Do you want your capsules to shine and stand out on the market? Are you looking for an affordable price which doesn't compromise quality? The answer is CP 7000 capsule polishing machine from LFA! 

The CP 7000 is a critical piece of equipment in any large scale capsule manufacturing setting.

Made from stainless steel and FDA approved plastics it is easy to clean and maintain.

The CP 7000 is able to clean up to 7000 capsules per minute. Using soft brushes to remove any dust or debris from the outside of the capsule and a vacuum to carry it away, it will leave your capsules looking perfect and ready to pot.

The CP 7000 will save you time and money by quickly and efficiently cleaning your capsules. Dirty capsules can put off customers, cause cross contamination and cause the capsule to stick together during transportation.

Speed control

The CP 7000 has a variable speed setting allowing you to control how quickly the capsules are processed. This can be really helpful when dealing with powders that are sticky, greasy or generally very dirty. Slowing down the polisher gives each capsule more time in the capsule polisher enabling it to be thoroughly cleaned to the high standards you and your customer expect.

Less than 10 minutes setup? LFA doesn't waste your time!

The CP 7000 capsule polisher from LFA comes with vacuum unit making it a plug and play unit. You will not need to go out and buy any additional components or parts to get it running smoothly. It will take less than 10 minutes to set up out of the box.

Wide compatibility with capsule fillers

This capsule polisher works with most capsule fillers. It has an adjustable hight meaning that it can be set up to receive the capsules directly from the capsule filler.

1-year warranty and lifetime technical support!

The CP 7000 comes with a 1-year warranty covering all parts. The LFA technical support comes with every machine we sell as a lifetime guarantee.

For more information on the CP 7000 or if you would like an invoice please get in contact with our team.

Technical Specifications

Name Value
Product CP 7000
Output/hour 150,000
Decompression 2.7m²-0.014Mpa
Electrical Specs (USA) 110v, Single Phase, 0.18 kW, 60Hz
Electrical Specs (UK) 240v, Single Phase, 0.18kW, 50Hz
Dimensions (mm) 1025 x 550 x 900
Weight 40kg / 88lbs
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