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  • 24,000 to 228,000 Capsule per Hour
  • #00 - #5 Size Capsules
  • Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The FACF Series of capsule fillers are fully automated machines that offer enhanced productivity and efficiency and greatly reduce the labour costs involved in filling capsules. There are four models in the series, with the fastest, the FACF 3800, filling 228,000 capsules an hour. All the capsule fillers benefit from advanced engineering that allows the capsule fill to be accurately dosed, and from an LCD touch screen panel that gives the operator quick and easy control over the machine’s key parameters.

These versatile capsule filling solutions are able to fill a wide range of capsule sizes, using either powder, granules or pellets. They are easy to clean and to maintain, and have been engineered using high quality Japanese manufactured precision bearings to ensure excellent performance and a long service life. All contact parts are made from GMP conforming stainless steel. They also run with CE approved electronics for safety and reliability.

By fully automating the capsule filling process, the FACF machines allow for minimal operator training, lower productions costs, and reduced wastage. They also guarantee hygiene and avoid cross contamination, thanks to a completely enclosing perspex access doors around the filling stations.

The high filling rates of the FACF capsule fillers make them suitable for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, foodstuffs and chemical industries who require a low maintenance, large scale production capacity.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • LCD touch screen panel for ease of use and complete control
  • Vacuum capsule positioning mechanism for over 99% accuracy
  • Easy cleaning with removable powder hopper
  • Easily adjusted filling weight, speed selection and capsule length adjustment
  • CE approved electrical appliance control system
  • Easy access for rapid servicing and parts replacement
  • Fully enclosed dosing stations for safety and to avoid contamination
  • Large cam mechanism for smooth and reliable running
  • Japanese made precision bearings for highest operating efficiency


The fully automated filling process on the FACF Series uses a vacuum capsule positioning system that ensures the capsules are placed and filled accurately. This removes the drudgery from capsule filling and reduces the scope for operator error. Together with the motor driven feed mechanism, the result is capsules that are filled with a consistent dosage, at higher filling speeds and 99% accuracy. The FACF Series machines therefore avoid wastage of both capsules and powder.

The capsule fillers are also very versatile, filling capsule sizes #00-#5 and Supro/safety capsule sizes A-E, which makes them suitable for virtually any pharmaceutical, industrial, medical or other purpose, including vitamins, minerals and food supplements.

The LCD touch screen control represents a major advance in capsule filling, allowing key parameters such as speed to be changed quickly and easily. Not only does this save the operator’s time, but it also encourages more fine tuning of the filling process, and therefore greater accuracy and efficiency. 

The clear protective shield around the filling station protects against inadvertent operator contact that could result in injury. It also maintains the hygiene levels essential to working with food and pharmaceutical substances, and avoids cross-contamination from airborne powder.

An exceptionally high standard of engineering is a feature of these machines, with CE approved electronics, Japanese manufactured precision bearings and a robust cam mechanism for smooth and reliable running. Maintenance on the FACF range is kept simple thanks to easy access for lubrication, cleaning and parts replacement. In particular, the powder hopper can be removed to clean thoroughly when changing the raw material.

Fully Automatic Capsule Fillers in Use

It is the very simplicity of using these machines that stands out, along with the impressive rate at which they are able to fill capsules. Rather than the hectic bustle you get with a non-automatic filling process, these automatic capsule fillers simply churn out regular batches of perfectly filled capsules, each with a consistent dose of your chosen raw material. Once the machine is up and running and a batch is in progress, the operator has very little to do except keep it filled with raw materials and oversee the process. If demand requires, one operator could therefore supervise several machines.

When changes are needed, such as between batches of different raw material or to a different capsule size, the LCD touch screen greatly speeds the process of setting things up. The controls are simple to use and require very little in the way of operator training.

The protective perspex doors around the filling area is reassuring in terms of avoiding accidents. And when it comes to cleaning and servicing the capsule filler, the machine is very easy to take care off. It is very efficient, too, in its use of powder. By avoiding wastage it makes every gram of expensive raw materials count.

LFA's View

The FACF Series of fully automatic capsule fillers range from approximately 24,000 up to 228,000 capsules an hour. These are heavy weight machines in both senses of the word, with solid engineering that will last for years, and the sort of large scale production capacity that will satisfy a major manufacturer. The versatility of these machines ensures that they will be at home in most capsule filling applications, and their reliability and low unit costs make them highly competitive.

The LCD touch screen is an important innovation that makes life so much easier, because it greatly simplifies the machines’ operation. Manually adjusting everything is always a time consuming chore, so having important functions adjusted on screen is a definite benefit.

Overall, if you need to produce a large volume of capsules, these are the fastest and most dependable way to do it. They also help pay for themselves very quickly thanks to reduced unit costs, and especially reduced human operator costs.

Technical Specifications

Specification FACF 400 FACF 1200 FACF 2000 FACF 3800
Maximum Capsules/Minute 400 1200 2000 3800
Capsule Sizes Compatibility 00 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Filling Precision

Filling Bores 3 9 18 27
Decibels (db) ≤78
Weight (Kg) 600 900 1300 2400

Power (Kw)

3.75 3.75 6.82 6.82
Voltage (V) 380
Hertz (H) 50
3 Phase Yes

Dimensions of the FACF Range

Dimension FACF 400 FACF 1200 FACF 2000 FACF 3800
Length (mm) 800 860 1050 1470
Width (mm) 970 1020 1200 1850
Height (mm) 1870 1970 2100 2080
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Key1 24,000 to 228,000 Capsule per Hour
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