ProCap Manual Capsule Filler

The ProCap manual capsule filler is easy to use because of the simplistic design. Designed with both the individual and organisations R&D departments in mind.

The Procap capsule filler comes with easy to understand instructions in 10 languages along with our how to use video.

The ProCap fills Capsule Size 00, giving you space for approximately 735mg of active ingredient of your choice per capsule and works with all types of empty capsules including Pullulan, HPMC or regular Gelatin Capsules.

Able to produce up to 120 Capsules in just 4 minutes with no running costs making it the fraction of the price of a high output capsule filling machine

It’s been designed to produce consistent results and reduce waste, all down to the Procap’s construction.

Made from certified food grade plastic that is BPA free whilst being easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

With the ProCap you’ll receive a life-time warranty, if anything breaks or goes wrong we’ll send you a new one for free.

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