Using Your ProCap Capsule Filler

When opening your new ProCap you should find:

  1. Body Plate, this is used to hold the bodies of your capsules.
  2. The Alignment Plate, this is used to load both the capsule bodies and the caps.
  3. The Cap Plate, this is used to hold the caps.
  4. The Middle Plate, this is used to cover the cap plate so the Cap Plate can be flipped over.
  5. Tamping Tool, used to compact the powder gently.
  6. Powder Spreader, used to spread the powder across the capsule bodies.

Step 1

Place the Alignment Plate (box part) onto the Body Plate (part with springs).

Step 2

Pour the bodies of 120 empty capsules. Hold both the alignment plate and body plate and begin to shake gently from side to side.

Step 3

Remove the Alignment Plate. Now push down the body plate slightly to check and see if the capsule bodies are all the correct way around.

Step 4

Pour your powder onto the capsules or body plate. Spread with the powder spreader, ensure capsules are evenly covered.

Step 5

Use the tamping tool and compact the filling gently.

Step 6

Now take the Alignment plate and place onto the cap plate and pour 120 empty capsule caps onto the plate.

Step 7

Hold both the Alignment and Cap plate and gently shake. The caps will fall into the plate.

Step 8

Remove the Alignment plate and adjust any incorrect capsules.

If you require higher output then please consider the Pharmacap manual capsule filler.

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