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Empty HPMC Capsules

  • Pharmaceutical Quality
  • High Closure Reliability
  • Worldwide Stock Locations

HPMC capsules are vegan and vegetarian friendly hard caps made from natural wood pulp.

HPMC capsules are manufactured from cellulose polymer and are the most popular alternative to gelatin capsules because they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They are often referred to as “veggie capsules” or “vegetarian capsules”.

HPMC which is an abbreviation of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose which is globally referred to also as “Hypromellose” is an ideal material to use for capsules as it is less sensitive towards moisture when compared to gelatin.

HPMC is derived from plant cellulose and was one of the first non-animal alternatives available on the market. HPMC capsules also help to protect the ingredients from degradation by insulating against temperature fluctuations or moisture exposure, the stability of the capsule material you use is critical in product development and scaling your manufacturing

Our HPMC capsules are designed to run smoothly on encapsulation machinery including the FACF and SACF to avoid downtimes in production.

HPMC has been a widely used solution for vegetarian capsules in pharmaceutical applications since 1998. It rose to popularity in the early 2000s as it was discovered to be a stable polymer with a low moisture content that makes it suitable for moisture-sensitive ingredients. It is also extremely resistant to higher than average heat and humidity.

Hypromellose based capsules meet a lot of people's requirements as consumers move from traditional gelatin capsules towards non-animal-derived alternatives. The ability to withstand temperature excursions as well as meeting religious and dietary requirements make HPMC the preferred choice for new pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product development. 

Main Benefits Of Our Empty HPMC Capsules

  • Manufactured In Accordance With GMP Standards - Our HPMC capsules are manufactured and packaged in a state of the art facility using pharmaceutical grade materials.
  • Made in The United States - They are proudly made in the United States of America
  • High Closure Reliability - Our capsule shells are manufactured to near-perfect tolerances to prevent production issues
  • Suitable For Vegans & Vegetarians - Our HPMC capsules are derived from vegetable cellulose, which is 100% natural
  • Contains no preservatives - Such as gelatin, wheat, gluten, animal by-products or starch, and they are made from pure cellulose of either pine or poplar
  • Kosher & Halal Certified - so that your product is available to as many people as possible
  • Made from natural wood pulp - HPMC is derived from wood pulp and is completely free from animal products
  • Long Storage Life - Gives your business logistic and storage flexibility
  • Moisture Resistant - HPMC is more resistant to moisture and humidity from the ingredients and manufacturing environment
  • Don’t Put Production On Hold - We stock empty vegetarian capsules in the UK, US & Taiwan meaning we can get them to anywhere in the world very quickly
  • Higher Resistance to Acidity  - HPMC capsules have enteric properties making them resistant to acidic conditions
  • Does not experience cross-linking - 

Bioavailability & Acidity Resistance 

Hypromellose capsules can also have a positive effect on poor bioavailability. It has been proven that HPMC can interact with poorly soluble APIs leading to lower crystallisation rate in the GI tract.In some cases, HPMC capsules can affect in vivo performance by helping to maintain supersaturation.

HPMC capsules are manufactured using a gelling agent that promote enteric properties, meaning that sensitive ingredients are protected from acidity in the stomach and complete dissolution in the intestine. They also mask from bad taste and prevent gastric reflux for products such as fish oils, and have become the solution of choice for numerous probiotics, herbal or mineral formulations.

Why Choose Us?


We understand that you have customers to keep happy. That is why we have chosen to manufacture our hypromellose vegan capsules in the USA, where they will pass through rigorous quality control before they make it to your facility.

We know that if production stops, so does your business. Our veggie capsules are kept in stock at all times. You’ll never have to put production on hold for long, if at all when sourcing your empty HPMC capsules from us. 

Just place an order here on our website or get in touch with our sales team if you’d prefer to pay by invoice, and we will dispatch your order as soon as possible. 


Making supplements yourself, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Encapsulated products produced by large manufacturers may contain low-quality fillers and ingredients which will not help you progress towards your goal. 

If you are serious about your training and health, you want to know exactly what you are putting into your body so that you can always be optimising your supplement intake. It gives you confidence as an athlete that you know that what you are consuming doesn’t fall under any doping substances. 

If you are looking to create your own supplements or medicine capsules you most likely will be best suited to our 00 capsule size as they are compatible with our manual ProCap capsule filler.

Research & Development

Whatever the goal of your veggie capsules, in the research and development stages of creating medicines or supplements it’s likely you will want to test different dosages to see the difference in results. 

We stock all sizes of HPMC capsules allowing you to test the best type for your application.

We have also created a capsule size chart and see what dosages your active ingredient will fit in which sizes. From there you can choose which sizes make the most sense and start testing.


We stock HPMC capsules in our offices in the UK, US and Taiwan and ship them to you depending which is closest so that they arrive as quickly and safely as possible. We also offer free shipping on all UK & US orders.

HPMC Capsules vs. Gelatin Capsules vs. Pullulan Capsules

The main difference between HPMC, Gelatin and Pullulan capsules is what ingredient they are derived from.

Below is a comparison table to easily see the difference between the different types of empty capsules that we provide.


*depending on ingredients used in the capsules. All products must certified by a 3rd party

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