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5 (And More) Reasons Why to Make Your Own Capsules [And Why It Matters]

"Why go through all the struggle to create my own capsule supplements at home if I can easily go to a drug store and buy all the supplements I need?"

We have asked ourselves the same question and here is what we found out.

1. It Is Not As Difficult As It Sounds

Don't get discouraged! Making capsules is not as complicated as it can look like. We have put together an article which explains step-by-step how to create your very first capsules from the comfort of your home. Check it out.

2. No Special Skills Required 

Making capsules at home has never been easier. Are you a complete beginner in this area?

Do not worry! There are no special skills required everything you need is a passion and a bit of effort, besides, LFA is here to support you whenever you are struggling. We provide a bunch of materials which guide you throughout the process and if it's still not clear just give us a call.

3. Low-cost Initial Investment

No expensive equipment is required for the production of hard capsules, and the process can be carried out in small batches, making the production an economic prospect for your own needs, small enterprises as well as large scale manufacturing companies.

All you need are empty capsules, a manual capsule filler, and the herbs, vitamins or raw supplements that you wish to add to the mix.

If you are looking to make larger quantities then you would need to invest more in a capsule filling machine, and a mixer or grinder for preparing the ingredients.

If you are just producing capsules for personal use then the cost of individual capsules is very low. For an individual that wishes to make their own capsule supplements, they can make savings of up to 90%. Someone who spends, say, $100 a month on supplements could save over $1000 a year by filling their own capsules.

What is the exact investment in capsule filling machines?

  •  Up to 120 capsules per turn

Do you intend to make capsules only for yourself so you will be ok with 120 capsules per turn? Then check out ProCap specially designed by LFA to last as long as you need - the warranty is life-lasting!

ProCap Manual Capsule Filler

  • Up to 25,000 capsules per hour

Already know that your production is going to be bigger? Do you need to produce up to 25,000 capsules per hour? 

SACF 25 Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • Aiming to produce up to 228,000 per hour? No problem!

LFA series of Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machines certainly fulfill your requirements.

No matter what amount your company needs to produce, we have capsule filling machines that match your needs.

4. Know What You Swallow!

Do you want to be absolutely sure that the capsules contain the exact active ingredients which are right for your body? Why rely on suppliers? Tailor your formula on your own needs.

Besides, capsules, when sealed, protect the user from any bitterness of the encased ingredients. One of the main advantages of capsules is that they enable the user to take the herbs and other ingredients in their raw natural state, without any unpleasant taste that may be associated with the formulations. Taking the powder or herbs in their natural state is a much more effective and an efficient way of getting all the benefits without the side effects.

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Did you know what material those capsules you consume on a regular basis are made of? Check out our article where we talk about all the materials and what to be aware of.

Learn more in this article Vegan, Vegetarian and Gelatin Capsules.

5. Types Of Products You Can Make Into a Capsule Form


Capsules are widely used for dietary, health and sports supplements. Many different sports supplements can be made as capsules, for example, energy/pre-workout aids, fat burners, mass gainers, muscle builders, sports performance enhancers, and supplements for post-workout recovery. There is also no shortage of supplement recipes that list the raw ingredients required. These are available in books and online resources. So, once you have decided on the type of supplement you want, you need to find the ingredients that match your goals.

Making your own supplement capsules means that you will no longer have to consume ingredients that are not right for your body or your goals. Making your own supplements in capsule form will save you a significant amount of cash in the long term, keeping down the cost of achieving your goals.

Above all else, making your own capsule supplements offers the flexibility to personalize your own supplements based on your body type, body weight, age, exercise levels, and personal goals. Everyone has different goals and by tailoring supplements according to individual needs, you are more likely to achieve the best outcome.


Capsules are used for a variety of pharmaceutical products and have the advantage of not necessarily requiring the added ingredients such as lubricants or binders that are necessary for making tablets. Capsules with various coatings, such as enteric polymers, are also now available that should enable more and more pharmaceuticals to be made available in capsule form. Such products may be produced at a significantly lower cost than the equivalent in tablet form, especially if the numbers involved are relatively low. Thus capsules offer the means for small pharmaceutical companies or even individual pharmacists, to produce low volumes of specialist drugs or drug mixtures without the need to invest in a complex tablet making the process.


Why Choose Capsules Over Tablets?

Capsules have certain advantages as solid dosage forms when compared to tablets:

  • They are attractive in appearance
  • They are slippery when moist and are therefore easy to swallow with a glass of water
  • Fewer ingredients are required in addition to the active pharmaceutical ingredient
  • The shells are inert and quickly digested in the gastrointestinal tract
  • They are low-cost
  • They are easy to handle, transport and store
  • The outer surface can be colored or made opaque (e.g., with titanium dioxide) to give protection from light
  • The shell masks the taste of the ingredients, making administration of unpleasant drugs more palatable.

There are some disadvantages:

  • Drugs or ingredients that are hygroscopic, can absorb water from the capsule shell, making it go brittle, and therefore poor for long term storage.
  • Capsules are readily soluble in water at 37°C, and must, therefore, be stored in a dry atmosphere at a lower temperature.
  • Alcoholic solutions and oils can be filled in capsules but aqueous solutions cannot because of reaction with the gelatin casing which can be rendered brittle.
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