Bowl of white powder next to filled white capsules on a flat surface.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Empty Capsules for Your Product

Understand different types of capsules in this guide from LFA Machines.
Separated capsule with material leaking in front of several filled capsules

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most Make Getting Started in Capsule Filling

Thinking about making your own capsules? Read this article!
Small pile of capsules filled with brown material

5 Ways to Remove Static Electricity From Capsules

Are your capsules sticking together during production? Check out this article to see how you can stop it.
Yellow Gelatine Capsules In Wooden Bowl Coffee Beans Around

What Are Flavored Gelatin Capsules [And Why They Can Be A Lifesaver]

Flavored gelatin capsules can be a real help for people as well as for animals. You would be surprised how much can flavored capsules make your life easier!
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5 (And More) Reasons Why to Make Your Own Capsules [And Why It Matters]

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Vegan and vegetarian capsules

Vegan, Vegetarian and Gelatin Capsules [Which Material To Choose?]

Do you prefer natural cellulose capsules over the ones made of bones, skin and connective tissues of animals? Are you aware of the pros and cons? Learn more about it in our article and let us know your experience.

Some home made supplements

How To Make Your Own Capsules

Hard capsules are one of the most preferred methods of administering oral dosage forms of pharmaceuticals. They are also widely used in the health supplement industry, which is booming in two areas.

A capsule and two types of gel capsules

Different Capsule Dosage Forms

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products are increasingly being administered in the form of capsules. These have many advantages over tablets which, until recently, have been the more widely adopted dosage form. 

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Capsule Making Definitions

Listed below are some terms and their definitions that are commonly used in the manufacture of capsules for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

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