Setting Up An SACF

The SACF is a semi-automatic capsule filler is capable of producing up to 25,000 capsules an hour. It has a highly efficient semi-automatic filling mechanism which ensures a top level of accuracy and can operate with a range of capsule sizes. Regardless of which type of empty capsules you are producing the SACF is the solution for you.

In your SACF shipping crate you should find the filter, next we’re going to remove the vacuum pump, be careful when handling the vacuum pump as it’s heavy. Next, the complimentary toolbox and finally the power cable.

Your SACF capsule filling machine is attached to the pallet with 4 bolts on the inside in each corner, these will need to be removed to remove the pallet from underneath.

Once your SACF is in position, place your motor in position next to it and attach your filter turning clockwise. It’s recommended you use a plumbers tape around the thread to ensure a good seal.

Next, plug in your vacuum pump on the right-hand side. The next outlet is if you would like to use your own standalone compressor to be powered off the machine. However today we’re using a compressor in our building.

Next is the main power cable, we can supply this in single phase or 3 phase. 110volts, 220volts or if it’s 3 phase in the United Kingdom we can supply 440volts.

Now we take the pipe from the vacuum pump and attach it, then we tighten the jubilee clip on the side.

Attach your airline, this is an 8mm standard airline with a push-fit connection.

Your SACF will now be ready to tune, be sure to see our video on tuning your SACF.

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