PharmaCap with PACL-300 Capsule Loader-#00

  • Comes as a bundled product including the manual capsule filler and automatic capsule loader at a discounted price
  • Loads and fills 300 capsules in minutes to increase efficiency and prevent downtime in production
  • Reduces manual labor and ensures batch consistency

An exclusive bundle offer from LFA Machines, the PharmaCap with PACL-300 Capsule Loader Package is a comprehensive solution for efficient capsule filling, combining the precision of the PharmaCap manual capsule filler with the convenience of the PACL-300, an automatic capsule loader. Designed to streamline the capsule preparation process, this package significantly reduces manual labor.

The PharmaCap filler ensures accurate and consistent filling of capsules, suitable for both small and mid-scale operations. The addition of the PACL-300 enhances productivity by automating the capsule loading process, eliminating the need for manual insertion. This package is ideal for compound pharmacies, health supplement manufacturers, and research labs seeking to optimize their capsule production with reliability and ease.

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Save time with the PharmaCap Package, exclusively from LFA Machines. With this bundle, experience a marked increase in efficiency and productivity by incorporating the expediency of the PACL-300 with the precision of the PharmaCap manual capsule filler.

Main Benefits of the PharmaCap + PACL-300 Package

  • Automates the capsule loading process, significantly reducing the time required for manual capsule insertion.
  • Ensures precise and consistent filling of capsules, minimizing errors often associated with manual processes.
  • Simplifies the capsule filling process, making it more accessible and less labor-intensive.
  • Reduces the need for additional labor and potential waste, offering long-term cost savings.
  • Maintains high standards of capsule quality, crucial for pharmaceutical and supplement production.
  • Compatible with a variety of capsule sizes and types, enhancing its applicability across different product lines.

PharmaCap + PACL-300 Package in Use

The process of the PACL-300 and the PharmaCap working in tandem is straightforward, and you’ll find it simple to achieve capsule production efficiency. First, capsules will need to be loaded into the PACL-300’s stainless steel hopper. Then, the PharmaCap’s capsule holding tray is placed onto the base plate and inserted into the PACL-300. Using a magazine, the PACL-300 orients the capsules and inserts them into the PharmaCap’s capsule holding tray, automatically stopping once all capsules have been filled. The filled capsule holding tray is then inserted onto the PharmaCap, and the capsules are ready to be separated, filled, and rejoined.

Our View

The PharmaCap + PACL-300 Package is a cost-effective and efficient solution for capsule production. Ideal for capsule filling without the significant investment in fully automated machinery, this package strikes the perfect balance between automation and manual control. The inclusion of the PharmaCap manual filler allows for precise capsule filling, while the PACL-300 automatic loader streamlines the process by eliminating the time-consuming task of manual capsule insertion. This combination not only simplifies operation but also significantly increases the maximum filling rate, leading to lower per-unit costs. As a result, the PharmaCap Package makes capsule production a practical and economical solution, especially for small to medium-scale producers.

Technical Specifications

Machine PharmaCap PACL-300
Max Production Capacity 6,000 per hour 300 per second
Compatible Capsule Sizes 00 / 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 00
Number of Stations 300 / 360 (size #5 only) 300
Weight 40 kg / 88 lbs 80.8 kg / 178.13 lbs

425 mm x 252 mm x 308 mm

16.8 in x 17.8 in x 12.1 in

518 mm x 642 mm x 909 mm

20.4 in x 25.3 in x 35.8 in

Motor Power ---

0.2 kW

0.25 hp

Rated Voltage ---

110 V (60 Hz)

240 V (50 Hz)

Rated Current ---

3 A / 100 V (60 Hz)

1.7 A / 240 V (50 Hz)


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