PACL-300 PharmaCap Automatic Capsule Loader

  • Compatible with #00 size gelatin, HPMC, and pullulan capsules
  • Easy to operate and maintain with little training needed
  • Increases your capsule production output

The PACL-300 from LFA Machines is an auxiliary machine to be used with our PharmaCap and is ideal for compounding pharmacies, small businesses, R&D departments, and other small production applications.

Rather than inserting empty capsules into the PharmaCap by hand, the PACL-300 automatically loads capsules, enhancing productivity and minimizing time, labor, and cost.

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Main Benefits of the PACL-300 PharmaCap Automatic Capsule Loader

  • Operates on 110 V / 240 V, single phase power voltage so no special electrical connection is required
  • A low-investment machine with high production output
  • Simple to operate with uncomplicated control console
  • Automatically stops once the PharmaCap tray is fully loaded
  • Constructed from durable stainless steel in accordance with cGMP standards
  • Easy to position and relocate in comparison to larger automatic capsule fillers
  • Can fully load the PharmaCap tray in seconds
  • Low noise making it ideal for busy working environments
  • Reduces manual labor and increases production output
  • Ensures capsules are loaded accurately with the cap up and body down
  • Equipped with easily removable components
  • Suitable for a range of production sizes, from small-scale to mid-scale

Why Choose the PACL-300?

If you're looking to enhance efficiency without compromising on quality, choose the PACL-300 PharmaCap Automatic Capsule Loader. With its precision, it has the capability to position every capsule with the cap up and body down and guarantees an error-free and streamlined filling process. 

Simple to operate, there is minimal training needed, ensuring uninterrupted production. As it fits seamlessly into production lines, the PACL-300 is especially suited for facilities where space optimization is crucial. The loader's automated features, from its rapid capsule placement capacity to its safety-centric automatic stop mechanism, underscore its advanced engineering. In essence, investing in this automatic capsule loader means championing reliability, maximizing efficiency, and paving the way for a future-proofed production process.

The PACL-300 offers a streamlined approach to pharmaceutical production. Its design is focused on simplicity and efficiency, allowing for smooth operation without the complexity of handling multiple capsule sizes. The user-friendly nature of this automatic capsule loader ensures quick, hassle-free processing, dramatically minimizing downtime. This makes the PACL-300 not just a tool for maximizing productivity but also a model of operational efficiency. It stands as an invaluable asset in any pharmaceutical production line that values both speed and reliability.

PACL-300 In Use

The PACL-300 simplifies and speeds up the process of getting empty capsules ready for filling. Here's how such a machine generally operates:

  1. Feeding the Capsules: Empty capsules are first introduced into the machine, typically by pouring them into a designated loading chamber or hopper.

  2. Orientation: The machine is designed to ensure that capsules are correctly oriented. Through a series of vibratory mechanisms or channels, capsules are arranged so that their larger body parts and smaller cap parts are separated into distinct paths. This ensures that the capsule's body is distinguishable from its cap.

  3. Positioning into Trays: Once oriented, the capsules are guided into a loading tray. The tray typically has multiple holes or cavities. Each cavity is sized to fit the body of an empty capsule snugly. The machine ensures each of these cavities is filled with a capsule body, ready for the filling process.

  4. Transfer to Capsule Filling Machine: Once the loader has filled the tray with the oriented capsules, the tray can be directly placed onto the PharmaCap, where powder will be loaded into the capsule bodies.

Our View

Investing in an automatic capsule loader offers a range of benefits that can enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and profitability production processes. The PACL-300 is optimal for those who need to produce small batches of capsules. It can easily be incorporated into the PharmaCap and will greatly increase your production output.

In summary, the PACL-300 can be a critical machine for businesses seeking to optimize their capsule-filling processes, ensuring they stay competitive, maintain high-quality standards, and achieve better profitability.

Technical Specifications

Machine PACL-300
Description Automatic Capsule Loader
Model #00
Number of Stations 300 (12x25)
Max Production Capacity 300 pcs / 25 sec
Motor Power 0.2 kW / 0.25 hp
Rated Voltage

110 V (60 Hz)

240 V (50 Hz)

Rated Current

3 A / 100 V (60 Hz)

1.7 A / 240 V (50 Hz)


Weight 80.8 kg / 178.13 lbs

518 mm x 642 mm x 909 mm

20.4 in x 25.3 in x 35.8 in


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