Tapped Bulk Density Calculator

The tapped bulk density of a powder is a key component to being able to determine its suitability to being used in a tablet press or capsule filling machine.

The process for calculating the taped bulk density of a product is quite simple.

100g of powder is loaded into a measuring tube. This is then taped a set number of times to allow the powder to settle into its most compact form. The volume of the powder is then recorded in mL. You then divide 100 (the amount of powder first added to the tube in grams) by the volume in mL that the powder takes up in the tube to get the g/mL or the Taped Bulk Density.

There are two ways to do this. The most consistent and the one recognised by the EU, US and JP Pharmacopeias is to use a special device to drop the powder 3mm-14mm 250-300 times in a row in a vertical motion.

It is also possible to do it without the special apparatus by simply taping the measuring jug agents the side of padded table 100 times. While this will give you slightly less consistent results it is not overly important as the Tamped Bulk Density is predominantly used to calculate the Hausner Ratio for tableting and capsule filling and this in itself is not an exact science. It is used to calculate how much of a powder can fit in to empty capsules.

LFA has developed a Tapped Bulk Density Calculator to help you calculate the density of your products:

This is the amount of powder that you are putting in the test tube or measuring jug. It is normally around 100g
This is a reading of the side of the measuring jug or test tube once you have taped the powder.

Tapped Bulk Density g/m -

Tapped Bulk Density mg/mL -

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