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Which Capsule Filler Is Right For Me

For the organisation or individual looking to create small batches of capsules in just minutes, LFA has designed an easy to use capsule filler in the ProCap. Manufactured to a high standard, we have designed the ProCap ourselves to last for life. With that, we offer a life long warranty so that the ProCap is the only handheld capsule filler you’ll ever need to buy. This along with the fact that there are no operating costs makes the ProCap an investment with high potential ROI. It’s for those reasons that the ProCap capsule filler is incredibly popular among R&D departments as well as universities and home users.

Using the ProCap manual capsule filler couldn’t be easier. We’ve created a step by step video tutorial that will show you how to create your capsules of choice. It’s also made out of food-grade plastic to prevent plastic seeping its way into your capsules as well as being completely dishwasher safe.

The ProCap is perfect if you’re looking to get your product from just an idea to something physical, that can be tested for desired results. This is because the ProCap produces up to 120 #00 capsules in just 4 minutes as opposed to 1 tablet in 2 minutes with the VICE Handheld Tablet Press. With that level of output, you can get your product to test groups and even start to fulfil small orders before needing to think about automatic capsule filling machines.

Creating your own supplements with the ProCap also saves you up to 68% on your monthly supplement spend. It’s much cheaper to buy the raw materials and produce capsules yourself than to buy them from a large scale manufacturer. This way you also take control of sourcing the highest quality of ingredients and remove the chance of any cost-saving filler ingredients from entering your system.

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