ART-1 Angle of Repose Tester

The LFA ART 1 has been designed to measure the behaviour and flow of formulations, granules and powders, this is a test that conforms to USP 1174 standards, making it suitable for measuring your angle of repose.

Understanding your powder flow is important for many reasons such as understanding how well your powder will flow through your capsule filling machinery whilst reducing the costs of materials which can potentially point out a bad batch before processing

Researching, this will show the characteristics of a powder before processing and understanding effects from transportation, handling and product storage and allowing you to produce a consistent final product

Simple design and easy to construct, the LFA ART 1 can be set up in minutes and training is minimal, LFA will supply documentation and videos on how to set up and use your apparatus.

The LFA ART 1 comes with everything you need such as:

  • A test stand
  • Powder flow funnel
  • 3 different size nozzles
  • A stirrer
  • Test platform and a digital height gauge

The test is simple, by pouring your powder through the funnel, stirring if necessary. This will produce a cone on the test platform. By measuring the height of the powder cone produced we can calculate the angle of repose of your powder, working out how well the powder will flow through your machine ultimately fill your empty capsules with your mix.

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