Payment Methods


Credit or Debit Card

We accept most major Credit or Debit cards. We have a strict policy that the delivery address must be the same as the registered card address used for payment. 

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Bank Transfer

We also accept bank transfer. If you wish to purchase a product using bank transfer please request an invoice.

International Transfer

If you are paying via international transfer please ensure that you pay the transfer fees. If the transfer is not made for the full balance we will require a second transfer to make up the remaining balance before dispatching your product.

Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD)

Many of our items require a non-refundable deposit (NRD) to be able to reserve your order for an item, usually while it is in the process of production. The deposit is required as the machines are often built to custom order and will have a number of custom parts (including the tooling) that can not be sold in the event that you no longer want or require the machine.

The NRD amount is 30% for all tablet presses, generic tooling, and custom Firmapress orders. We will often ask for a 50% deposit to start the order but in the event that it is cancelled we will only return 20% to you.

In the case of custom tooling, the NRD is 100%. Tooling that is specifically made for you will logos, images lettering or numbering is impossible to sell to anyone else.

24-hour grace period: If you disagree with the terms of this agreement, then you may cancel your order without penalty if it is within 24 hours of placing it. The NRD will be refunded in full within 1-2 business days. If rewards points were applied on the order, they will be returned to the account automatically.

NRDs cannot be transferred if your order is canceled, for any reason.

NRDs cannot be reinstated and used for a different order.

NRDs may be refunded upon cancellation only in the rare case that the item’s delivery date has been delayed by more than 180 days from the original estimated arrival date. Collectors would need to contact us directly to cancel their order and request for their NRD to be refunded.

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to store machines on a permanent basis. Once your machine arrives we will contact you. If you are uncontactable or do not arrange for delivery of your machine within 90 days we charge a storage fee of £50 per day. In the event that the storage fees exceed the initial deposit, the machine will be forfeited.

We hope that you understand. If you have any questions about our NRD's please do get in contact and we will be happy to explain.

LFA Registered Address is Demar House 14 Church Road, East Wittering, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 8PS. Although if you wish to visit our premises please follow the instructions on our contact us page.

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